Photo Submission Information

Thank you for your interest in photography for our productions. Although we supply most of our image requirements in house, we are always on the lookout for new material and are happy to view quality images of Australian subjects including landscapes, wildlife and culture.

Film Images
Any submissions of transparencies or negatives should be accompanied by a return self-addressed envelope/packet of a type that includes documentation to verify safe delivery (eg registered mail, courier satchel etc). All shots should be clearly labelled with their location and other particulars of the subject. Any format from 35mm and above is acceptable. Duplicate transparencies or prints are not acceptable.

Digital Images
Whether shot on a digital camera or scanned from film, digital submissions are welcomed provided the final material is available as a 300DPI TIFF file. We buy more images for calendars and these are up to A3 size so if shooting on digital you need to be using a digital SLR with a minimum 6 megapixel sensor. Images shot in RAW format before being converted to TIFF will have better quality and be more likely to be suitable for us. If you shoot in JPEG we may still be interested but only if it is at the highest quality.

Submissions on CD or by Email?
CD is highly preferred as mail boxes can clog up fairly quickly even with broadband connections. Screen resolution (72DPI) images for review purposes are easy for us to browse and retain for future reference. Please make sure we are advised if you want your CDs returned.

Contact us for information about fees paid.


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